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Amontha 7, 19th day, 5588 OG (Holy Ghost TIme)

Dear very good young person,

Hi, how are you doing today? Hope good! Stay young my friends! Well i'll just sum it up for you: eat fruits, veggies, herbs, spices, grains, nuts, tree fruit, and water....Dont eat animals, dont drink alcohol. Well, my name is Omekkaglazziiontez Quattrianoh Shabozz Toonndamacclouhkon, with a birth name of Mario Ramon Eastin born 6/13/1983 in the Julian Calendar, a 33+ year old, my race = black african male christian vegetarian. I believe that people should marry their own kind,for example a black male and black female or white man and white woman together! Or you can color one up my friends! Get some knowledge, water, a home, car, computer, and farm! Give it a good try! Anyway, here are 4 ebooks, 2 of which i wrote, plus some bonus goodies 4 u!....By the way there is no need for paper money anymore - things are definitely getting better with electronics! God Jesus Christ Holy Ghost bless you 4rever! Love each other as Christ loves us! Enjoy the fruits of the Spirit! The time I recalculated using the year 3542 as the year Jesus CHrist was born and added 2045 years to it as an adjusted value adjusted for 30 days in each month 12 months in a year 360 days in a year! Instead of using AD I use OG (Of Godd) and that is Holyy Ghost TIme)!!!! Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way - thank you very much! Thanks to the young white girl who helped me become a vegetarian - I thank y9ou very much!

Thanks to The Cincinnati Public Library. Thanks to Blacks, thanks to Whites, thanks to the Asians, thanks to the Chinese, thanks to the Italians, thanks to the Catholics, thanks to the Presbyterians, thanks to the Shakers and Quakers, thanks to The Lenoir family, Dan Contner, Noel and Lydia Morgan and co., Bob and Betsy Wones family, Mikey, thanks much to the waterman, thanks to the Bishop who gave me the little green book at Cleveland State, thanks a whole heck of a lot to the Church, thanks to the people who fed me and clothed me, thanks to the hospitals and prisons and jails, thanks to Kemper House in Chinchinnati, thanks to the gentlemen in uniform, thanks to Coach Sharpe and Coach Young, Walnut Hills eagles, thanks to every last person, animals, plant, thing, and living being in the Universe! Special thanks to the birds, snakes, and the Portuguese man-o-war', and also the whales, sharks, Officer Jimmy Lischka, Officer Siney, Trooper Williams, Ron Coldiron, Mike Miller, Brandon, Dr. Williams, Jason'te Moore'n, President P. wit da Big Time T, Brandon Centregreene, Jeff Malone, thanks to the white men, thanks to all the folks at Carver Park, Mrs. Scott at Walnut Hills High School, Navient Mr. Robert Lee Stokes, John Miles, and everybody at Summit, everybody! I got a list of names in my ebooks....All my peoplez, blacks, whites, yellows, browns, tans, darks, parks, and larks, everycompany, business, hospital, every store, farm -everybody and animal in the world!!!!! DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!!!! Special thanks to Godd The Father Jesus CHrist ANd THe Holy Spirit!!!!

My Dad Terroh'ntey "Tex" Eastin, Mom Pa'trician'i "Pat-Pat" Eastin, thanks to Michael Jordain the great NBA basketball plaayer, Shaquille O'Neal, Glenn Robinson, Bigg's, Remke's, Dollar Tree, brother Carlon Kayin Eastin, Lena Pearl Eastin, and Shebyshev brother and sister, and the whole gang o' gentlemen on the block! What can I do to serve you? I am at your service! Let me know something good! e-Peace! God bless! P.S. Thanks to Cleveland State University, Cleveland Public Library, Cincinnati Public Library, National Weather Service, NOAA, Accuweather, Weather Channel, Food Network, USDA, and all the libraries in the world! thanks Mr. and Mrs. Caldwell, Mrs. Jackson + Jack, Kinsey & Steph., Virgil and Linda Nixon, the Crofts, Lenoirs, Tolliver-Love family, Tela, Master P, Siilkk Da Shocka, No Limit, Hypnotize Minds, Bone Thugs, Lil Whyte, Jelly Roll, special thanks to: Darien Richardson and family - you have a special blessing waitiong 4 u all, Brotha Lynch Hung, Uncle Bubba, Dr. Bloodgood, Curtis Martin and co., Dave Parker and family, Dr. Babai and co., Jeff Foxworthy, Carrot Top, Joe Budden, ALicia Keys, Jagged Edge, P-Didders, P. Diddly, Reverend Brian Tome, Puff Didders, Puff Doodly, Kristen Swinert'n and family at the computer joint, and Rick Ross, everyone!REmember, it's all good in da hood yo! Special, special thanks to: Freewebhostingarea.com for providing me with free web hosting! Also, thanks to Freehitcountercode.com for providing me a free hit counter! Special thanks to 2100 Lakeside in Christland, OH 44114 for giving me free shelter and food and water and fun! Thanks to you all and God bless! Special thanks to: Crossroads Community Church Ohio, Third Day, Keane, Rob Zombie, Nelly and 4' real, Bobby Brown, Christ Da King Church, the whole entire network of Holy Ghost on fire churches out there!

Special thanks to: Chukk'on Mingo and co., Howard + Bertha Crutchfield and co., Bro. Bush and family, Billie and Linda Lee and family, the whole entire First Baptist Church family, Mrs. Ford and Mr. Ford, the whole entire set of folks at Greater New Hope Church, New Hope Church in Newport with Beth Stewart and co., Rev. Paula White, Bishop T.D. Jakes and family, K.C. Price and family and the Ever Increasing Faith Ministries, TBN, EWTN, CBN, 700 CLub and Paat Robertson, Mustard Seed Faith Ministries, the whole entire set o' brothaz and sistaz and faddaz and moddaz at the Libraries across the globe, Reverend Ringo Luther and family, Inspiration 1050 am Cincinnati, Ohio, Praise 1300am Christland, let's not forget that we gotta respect the whole entire block of folkz -white to black- who been farmin' growin' corn, wheat, rice, peanuts, soybeans, and the whole set of fruit and veggies, and takin care of business for over 5500+ years -they get some serious honor! Also i just wanna give some 100% respect to Dr. Joseph Z. Pflum, who spared me from the knife a whole lotta times, and helped me with my health and blood pressure! so thanks Dr. J. Pflum! Thanks to Dr. Carey Yancey at CSU, Dr. Whyte, Dr. Pruitt, and all people at Christland State University in Ohio, and thanks to Dr. Icebergman and Dr. Schwartz at CSU, and Tarayah CherryBlack at CSU helpdesk, hope God Jesus Christ And The Holy Ghost blesses y'all with rain, shine, fruits, veggies, wind, and water! Take care and Godd bless u all, have a very, very blessed and fruitful day!!!!! Godd bless !!!!

P.S. If you're wondering what kind of education I have, I am almost finished with a Juris Doctorate in Universal Law as a homeschooled and college educated student!!!!

P.P.S. Special, special thanks to the very, very kind people at www.freewebhostingarea.com for hosting my site!

Omekkaglazziiontez Quattrianoh Shabozzh Toondamacclouihkon
Omekkaglazziiontez Quattrianoh Shabozzh Toondamacclouihkon

*This pcture below was taken in Spring of 5574 OG more than 14 years ago!
At least 14 years later today and I now have longer jet black afro hair about 4 inches long, hoping to get it braided and I still look pretty young. Will get a new picture soon with the braids in! Sorry!

email: omekka40@yahoo.com
"I now bless you in The Father Sun And Holy Spirit's name, Amen!"

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Stay Young! Believe In The Father Godd! The Sunn! The Holy Spirit! I DO Love You! Drink water! Eat fruit! Eat veggies! Grow corn! World peace!